Blue Isle’s InTouch Workflow Automation platform makes it easy for businesses looking to automate their daily workflow processes. With InTouch, businesses can leverage Cloud, On-Premise, Big Data and traditional BI across all computing hardware and operating systems.

Some key business benefits provided by InTouch are:

  • Higher efficiency leading to greater work capacity without increasing head count
  • Increased resource availability through reduced undetected process errors
  • Reduced operating costs and downtime through automation
  • Faster speed and information quality through continuous delivery
  • Increased productivity and agility, promoting innovative and higher customer satisfaction
  • Business assets are protected through state-of-the-art security control mechanisms
  • Complete transparency and ease of management of your complex IT processes
  • Ensure compliance with IT regulatory demands through automated, controlled processes
  • Confident adherence to business service level agreements for management reporting

InTouch provides world class automation capabilities but without the massive investment in time, effort, and cost, or the complexity of other enterprise automation systems.

InTouch provides those benefits through a modern solution rather than revamped legacy solutions provided by competing alternatives. InTouch leverages state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with an unparalleled solution to get companies to business value with less effort, cost and complexity than other solutions.

Some key InTouch features:

  • Unified automation across Cloud and On-Premise
  • Comprehensive calendar-based, event-driven and user-initiated process flows
  • Granular security controls restrict production access to resources
  • Multi-platform operation enables businesses to run on their platform of choice
  • Fully-dynamic workload scheduling (no loading of next days work ahead of time)
  • Integrated alerting to keep operations staff and their customers informed
  • Fault-tolerant with automated recovery
  • Integrated secure file transfer and secure remote operations (without an agent)
  • Full Web-unified user interface to design, run and monitor end-to-end processes