Seamless process automation

Process automation through any combination of robust scheduling, file trigger monitoring, external system or user-initiated OnDemand requests

InTouch at a glance

InTouch drives your mission-critical processes efficiently, and with unparalleled performance. Automate the flow of information across the enterprise and cloud, and orchestrate the processes across those servers.

World class automation

Powers the most comprehensive automation needs for global powerhouses


Make sure that important processes run efficiently, reliably, and without unnecessary delays. If something goes wrong, the right actions are taken and the right people are alerted. The effect of the problem does not propagate to other systems and the impact of the problem is minimized by immediate detection and resolution.

Easy setup

No complicated installation, no need for a database server, no need for an application server. Run on premise or in the cloud. Get up and running in a few minutes.


InTouch version 7.4 has new, robust OnDemand features. OnDemand job requests are replicas of jobs that allow you to override a job’s tasks and contents without actually modifying the job. Imagine a scenario where multiple people need to submit their data to a reporting system on a routine basis (think: uploading payroll data monthly for your cost center times multitudes of other employees who need to do the same thing). InTouch’s OnDemand feature streamlines this process — create one job and one OnDemand request. That one request can be modified and run on-the-fly by anyone who needs to submit their data.

Version 7.4 also boasts more inclusive import/export features. Imports and exports are used to routinely back up a project or to move a project from a test server to development and then to a production server. Previously only the InTouch administrator could perform imports and exports. Then the Library administrator role was introduced, allowing users in that role to import and export as their sole function, thereby lessening the workload for the InTouch administrator. Now a project administrator can perform imports and exports and can also grant this permission to any publisher in a custom role, thereby granting special users to be responsible for their own projects. (9/18)

InTouch version 7.3 has a new role for publishers who carry out migration-to-production work. Members in this role are called Library administrators, and only these members can export and import projects or parts of a project between servers for their production needs.

Version 7.3 also introduces a new IBM TM1 snap-in. Use this add-on feature to create an IBM TM1 task that runs chores or processes using all the powerful scheduling and triggering and notification capabilities of InTouch. You an also override default parameter values for the processes. (5/18)

InTouch version 7.2 has substantial improvements in usability and manageability, and further strengthens security controls. (4/17)

InTouch version 7.1 introduces HTTPS support. Included is an improved fault-tolerant email server interface able to withstand distributed denial of service attacks. (9/16)

InTouch version 7.0 is a rich, fully functional graphical Web-based user interface with a run anywhere, anytime usage model. It provides tightly controlled security through comprehensive role-based access. (11/15)